Meet the Owner

Hey there Wild One,

My name is Haley Johnson! It's so nice to meet you!

I am the owner and creator of The Wild Red Ltd. Co!

I am a Texas State University Alumni with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. Upon graduating college in August of 2020, I  knew that I wanted a small business experience. Except, I was completely lost when it came to an industry to join that I'd feel at home in. The only thing that had truly spoke to me was creating. I started to make shirts, reverse canvases, mugs - you name it. I just knew I loved it! Once my friends and family encouraged and started to purchase my creations, I thought others might too. That was the beginning of what has now become The Wild Red Ltd. Co. 

Fun Fact: The Wild Red Co's name came about because of my mother. Her fierce nature, strength, and motivation lead to me where I am today including the founding of this small business.